About Us

A company needs to communicate, to any target audiences, for any objectives, and using variety of channels. We may need to reach our consumers when we introduce new product in a product launch event, build their loyalty, or constantly keep their awareness high.

We believe that to be effective, communications need to be synergized without questioning which one is more effective than others, whether is public relations is more effective than advertising, is above the line is giving more impact than below the line, or should we choose online marketing than offline or conventional marketing.

The simple yet effective communication should emphasize on the target group: who they are, where and how they live, their media habit, and how they can be approached in the most efficient yet effective ways.

To achieve target and giving services as per client’s mandatory, advertrade team lead by professional practitioners in marketing communications.

DENNI KOSWARA         : Operational Director

HARI WIGUNADI           : Account Director

DWIJANA LESTARI       : Finance Director